Our studio office is open during class times.  Our friendly receptionists will be able to answer any queries you may have.  Outlined below is further information relating to:


Our studio holds regular classes during the normal school terms, scheduled according to the current studio timetable. As such, there are no regular classes held during the school holidays.

Classes are held as normal on STUDENT FREE DAYS. Classes that fall on Public Holidays and Easter weekend will be rescheduled within the week before/after the holiday.


In addition to our regular classes and age related programs, we also offer a number of opportunities throughout the year for students to perform and extend themselves. These include studio musicals, choreography competitions, and various workshops.


“JAL DANCE EXTENSION PROGRAMS” will continue this year for term 1 and the 1/2 of term 2.

Students may participate if they are committed to at least 1 jazz, 1 tap, 2 ballet, eisteddfod participation and one other class and are in the 10&U Eisteddfod class (base class) or older. These classes will run on a Saturday and provide the students with a variety of guest and regular teachers. 

Classes will extend the students beyond the expectations of their age examination requirements, improving their strength, skills, technique and experience.


The annual concert is held at the end of the year – ‘That’s Entertainment’. All students are encouraged to participate and showcase what they have learned throughout the year. Each class will usually perform one dance, with a costume to be purchased for each. There are two performances of the concert on the same day, with a theatre rehearsal usually held the day before.

Preschoolers have their own little concert usually in late November – ‘A Little Entertainment’.


Eisteddfods are competitions held at different venues around Brisbane. Eisteddfods are not compulsory but I feel they are an essential part of the student’s development. It teaches discipline in a team, communication, self confidence, and the kids LOVE THEM!!!

All students doing eisteddfod classes for ages 7 to 15, must do at least two ballet, a jazz and a tap class to be part of the eisteddfod team. There is a one off Eisteddfod participation fee, a $10 class fee (this will go towards eisteddfod passes, entry fees and extra rehearsal costs), as well as costume costs. Eisteddfod groups may also get to perform at fetes, and other organised functions.

All students may be needed for 2 weekend workshops. Parents and students will be required to sign a commitment note before the students can be included in the routines.

Students interested in doing a Solo, Duo or Trio at Eisteddfods, please inform us when enrolling if you are interested, so we can organise specific times to learn the routines.


I highly recommend exams for children as it gives them something to work towards and achieve. Students will receive a report and a medal or trophy depending on the examination.

There are attendance requirements for students wishing to participate in exams (see below). Participation in holiday classes is also expected! Graded R.A.D exams are usually held in July/August; Vocational R.A.D exams may be later in the year, with Comdance exams held in October.

The following exams are studied:
(Note: this is a guide only – ages may vary)

School Grade Ballet R.A.D Jazz C.S.T.D Tap C.S.T.D
Prep JAL presentation JAL presentation -
1 Pre Primary - -
2 Primary** Junior Tap Junior
3 Grade 1** Jazz1 Tap1
4 Grade 2** Jazz2* Tap2
5 Grade 3** Jazz3* Tap3
6 Grade 4** Jazz4* Tap4
7 Grade 5** Jazz5* Tap5
8 Intermediate** Foundation Jazz6* Tap6
9 Intermediate** Jazz7* Tap7
10 Advanced Foundation** Jazz8* Tap7
11 Advanced1** Jazz9* Tap8
12 Advanced2** Tap9

Tinies (5) – these children are offered a Studio presentation (like a mock exam) during the year where they will receive a certificate and medal.

* Must attend 1 ballet class per week in addition to the jazz class to sit an exam.
** Must attend 2 ballet classes per week to sit an exam. Vocational grades (above Grade 5) have longer classes.