We offer classes for all ages, from pre-schoolers through to adults, catering for all your dance and performing arts needs.

All  classes (except for ‘Dance with Me’) are open for the participating students only.  This is to ensure that our students can get the most out of their tuition. At the end of terms 1, 2 and 3, selected classes are open for viewing so that parents and friends can see what the students are doing in class and how much they have learned.

Dress requirements are outlined for each class. Grooming is important to a dancer and to assist the teacher in making corrections to posture and technique.  No school uniforms please. For stockists, please visit our Friends and Links Page.


PRE-JUNIOR CLASSES (Up to 6 years)

DANCE WITH ME (up to 3 years)

This 1/2 hour class is for the little ones not ready to attend the dance studio without mum or dad or another special person.  It involves dance, sing along, creative movement and a lot of fun. Great for improving coordination.

Dress Requirements:  Comfortable clothes

PRE-SCHOOL CLASS (3 to 5 years)

A fun ¾ hour class which introduces children to dance in an enjoyable way.  This class aims to teach basic co-ordination and movement, general appreciation and understanding of music and rhythm.  The children are introduced to Classical, Tap and Jazz dance in these classes.  In addition they do some tumbling and singing.  There are morning or afternoon Pre-school classes which may suit your timetable.  Children are expected to go into class without mum or dad.

Dress Requirements: Dance wear or Fairy princess dresses / tan tap shoes and Ballet shoes

TINIES CLASS ( 5 years)

A ¾ hour class including Jazz, Tap and Ballet.  Introducing technique but still a lot of fun.  A presentation (mock exam) is available from this level for those who are interested.

Dress Requirements: Dance wear / tan tap shoes and  black jazz shoes / Hair up

If you already have ballet shoes from Preschool, you can use those until you grow out of them.  They will use black jazz shoes in the concert.


The next level after Tinies will attend a 1 1/4 hour class including Jazz, Tap and Ballet (spending approx. 25 mins on each Jazz,  Tap and Ballet in each class).  Exams are available in Pre-junior Jazz and Pre-primary Ballet.

Dress Requirements: Dance wear / tan tap shoes and  black jazz shoes / Hair up

If you have ballet shoes already, you can wear them in class.  They will use black jazz shoes in the concert.


These classes are available for boys only for students from approximately 4 years.  This allows me to focus on the boys and keep them keen.

Dress Requirements:  shorts and tight shirt / appropriate shoes  Black taps for tap classes.  No school uniforms please

JUNIOR AND ABOVE (7 years and up)


Classes for all ages and levels are available in Acrobatics.  Acrobatics enhances children’s strength and flexibility and is exceptionally good for all growing bodies.  Besides this – the children just “Love It”.

Dress Requirements: Comfortable clothing – tight T / No shoes


Once again this year we will have BOYS ONLY tap classes and BOYS ONLY Hip Hop classes. This allows me to focus on the boys and keep them keen.

Dress Requirements:  shorts and tight shirt / appropriate shoes black tap shoes


Classical Ballet teaches grace, elegance, line and discipline and is essential for the student who is serious about dancing.  Classical classes are the basis on which to learn any form of dance.  Students are prepared for R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) Grade and Vocational Examinations. Two classes per week all year are required for exam entry.  Two classes per week from term 4 for those who want to participate in the end of year concert routine.

Female dress requirements: Leotard with Pink Ballet Stockings / Ballet shoes / Hair in a neat bun


A popular form incorporating moves from many styles of dance.

Dress Requirements: Dance Wear / Sock undies or No shoes / Hair Up




All the latest music, all the latest dance steps, this popular class is sure to be a favourite.  These classes will not be technique based, but great for fitness.

Dress requirements: Comfortable clothing / Sneakers (NO white soles in studio 1) or Jazz shoes / Hair up


These classes are quick moving and challenging, featuring today’s Modern jazz styles including appropriate technique.  Exams are available in these classes for all ages in the C.S.T.D syllabus.  The jazz grades continue right through to Diploma level. For exam entry in Grades 2 and above it is a requirement to also take a weekly ballet class.

Dress Requirements: Leotard with stockings or Tight dance pants and tops / black jazz shoes / Hair up


Singing and Acting training is important to all dancers, as it enhances their performance skills and encourages them to speak and perform expressively.  The children are taught to be effective communicators and it increases confidence and self esteem.

Dress Requirements: Comfortable clothing


A solid learning ground for all keen tap students.  Students work towards C.S.T.D Tap examinations.  The tap grades continue right through to Diploma level.

Dress Requirements: Leotard or tight dance-top with skirt/tight dance-pants/ Hair up/ tap shoes.

Shoes :


Always black lace ups.  TAP 5 and above must be split sole.


Eisteddfods : 10&Under Eisteddfod and younger – tan taps, flat/no heel.  12&Under Eisteddfod and older – tap shoe colour & heel depends on routines.

Classes:  up to TAP3, tan tap flat/no heel.;   TAP4  either a tan tap or black lace up, flat;  TAP5 – must be black lace up flat split sole

Exams:  For TAP 5 and above, must be black lace up flat split sole to allow toe rolls, otherwise class tap shoe is sufficient (painted is ok, if looks as new).


These classes are offered in the second half of the year when eisteddfods are finished.  They are a fun class building strength, fitness and coordination.



Don’t let the kids have all the fun, come to an adult class.  Classes are very reasonably priced.  No pressure, just come and pay on a casual basis to suit your busy schedules, which makes them free of obligation, with no enrolment required.  They are a lot of FUN.  Currently offering adult classes in  tap and pilates.