Exam uniform and hair

Hairstyle for Jazz/Tap Exams

Please click on the link to see a video demonstration of Hairstyle for Jazz and Tap Exam .

It is not hard – the trick is to use 3 hair bands with lots of mousse/gel/hairspray in the hair bits before twisting.

Please position the bun in the following position, and keep it flat.



Exam Uniforms    Everything must be in ‘as new’ condition.  Shoes can be painted.

  • Please ensure students are not wearing jewellery or nail polish.
  • New earrings may need to be covered, please discuss with Julie-ann.
  • A small hire/washing fee is included in your exam fees.


TAPStudents need tap shoes that they wear for class.

Girls – need skin tone matt fiesta stockings.  (There must be no holes in stockings) JAL will provide students with leotards to wear in the exams.

Boys – black socks, black dress pants with long sleeved black or white shirt.



Girls – Please ensure students have neat, clean, as new black jazz shoes.  Students in Jazz 3 and above require black socks.  (this is to ensure there is no leg showing between shoe and leggings provided).  JAL will provide a uniform to wear on the day.

 BoysBlack bike/dance pants, black jazz shoes and socks. JAL will provide a shirt to wear on the day.