Exam uniform and hair

Hairstyle for Jazz/Tap Exams

Girls are to have their hair done bun with two twists.




Exam Uniforms    Everything must be in ‘as new’ condition.  Shoes can be painted.

  • Please ensure students are not wearing jewellery or nail polish.
  • New earrings may need to be covered, please discuss with Julie-ann.
  • A small hire/washing fee is included in your exam fees.


TAPStudents need tap shoes that they wear for class.

Girls – need skin tone matt fiesta stockings.  (There must be no holes in stockings) JAL will provide students with leotards to wear in the exams.

Boys – black socks, black dress pants with long sleeved black or white shirt.



Girls – Please ensure students have neat, clean, as new black jazz shoes.  Students in Jazz 3 and above require black socks.  (this is to ensure there is no leg showing between shoe and leggings provided).  JAL will provide a uniform to wear on the day.

 BoysBlack bike/dance pants, black jazz shoes and socks. JAL will provide a shirt to wear on the day.