Fees are charged twice a term (ie eight blocks a year). A tax invoice will be issued at the beginning of each block. Any payment of fees by cash, credit or eftpos payments can be paid to the studio office. Payment by direct debit is detailed on invoices.

First payment period is to be paid on enrolment. All students must complete a new enrolment form each year. Enrolment is assumed until the end of the year. Alternatively, one week’s written/emailed cancellation notice is required.

All missed classes are still to be paid for, unless prior notice is given that your child will be away for an extended period. You can make-up missed lessons if you are still enrolled, within the same school term, please see the office to organise these.

Special discount programs are available which have been designed to be suitable for your child for their specific age. The timetable has been set so that classes within these programs continue on the same day which should be more convenient for you. Please note these programs can only be used by 1 child only, not shared by the family.

To make dancing more affordable to larger families only two children in each family attending the most classes will be charged. Third and fourth children may attend completely free of charge for regular classes

Individual 45 min classes are $16 per class (all prices include GST).

Mummy & Me (30 mins dance class)         $11 per class

Mini Music (30 mins music class)               $11 per class

FOR AGES APPROX. 5 to 7 years

Tinies Class (45 mins dance class – mix of Jazz/Tap/Ballet) $16 per class
Tinies Program (45 mins dance class + ½ hr Singing &/or ½ hr Acro) $24 per week
Pre Junior Class (1 ¼ hour class- 25min Tap + 25min Ballet + 25min Jazz) $20 per class
Pre Junior Program (1 ¼ hour class + ½ hour Acro &/or ½ hour Singing) $28 per week
Junior Boys Program (1/2 hour Acro + 3/4 hour Hip Hop + 1/2 hour Tap) $24 per week

FOR AGES APPROX. 7 Junior Intro Program

Must include 2 Primary or Grade 1 Ballet + 1 Junior Jazz/Jazz 1 + 1 Preliminary/Tap 1 class

4 classes $44 per week
5 classes $52 per week
6 classes $58 per week
7 classes $64 per week
8+ classes $69 per week


Basic Class (45 minutes) $16 per class
2 Classes $31 per week
3 Classes $44 per week
4 Classes $52 per week
5 Classes $58 per week
6 Classes $64 per week
7 Classes $69 per week
8+ Classes $74 per week

Senior Ballet class surcharge per class (75 mins), $4 per class


Adult Pilates,$16 per class
Adult Tap,$16 per class

SOLOS – $210, DUOS – $275, TRIOS – $310. With this you will receive music and video, with a pre discussed number of hours for tuition.