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I am qualified and registered in both C.S.T.D and R.A.D and have the support of qualified teachers in all fields, which allows me to run the school successfully.I like to promote at our studio an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, a place where the children love to be, whilst providing them with quality training.  Our Studio’s aim is for our students to enjoy their dancing, gain good technical skills and finish each year with a sense of personal satisfaction.



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Julie-ann Lucas School of Dance

Congratulations to all the 15s and Opens on such a. Successful weekend. Nice to finish with a “Most Promising Opens” award. You were all great to watch.


Julie-ann Lucas School of Dance

It has been so wonderful to see our 6s, 8s,10s and 12s rewarded over the past few days at the Ipswich Eisteddfod. You all did the JAL family proud.
1st -12s song & dance
1st - 12s song & tap
1st -10s tap
1st - 10s song & Tap
2nd - 10s musical theatre
3rd - 12s novelty/hip hop
3rd - 8s song & Tap
VHA - 6s song & dance
HC - 10s lyrical
HC - 10s Jazz
HC - 12s Jazz
HC - 12s Tap
HC - 8s Jazz.
HC - 8s novelty.